Janusz Lewandowski - PO

Janusz Lewandowski

Janusz Lewandowski (born 13 June 1951), originally from Poland, is the current European Commissioner for Financial Programming and Budget since 2010.

Lewandowski got a PhD in economics from the University of Gdańsk and ahs lectured at the Harvard University.

Between 1980 and 1989 he was an economic adviser for Solidarność. In 1990 he became Minister of Privatisation under Prime Ministers Bielecki and Suchocka, achieving major economical reforms.

Along with Donald Tusk and other, he helped co-found Civic Platform (PO) and in 2001 was elected to the Sejm (the national Parliament).

In 2003 he was appointed as an observer member to the European Parliament as the date for Poland’s accession to the EU approached and in 2004, in the first European elections for Poland, he got elected as Member of the European Parliament winning the best result in his constituency. He was chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Budgets.

After the European elections of 2009, he was selected to his current post in the European Commission.

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