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EPP Summit December 2018


The last EPP Summit in 2018 will be held in Brussels in December. More information will be available soon.

EPP Political Assembly December 2018


A EPP Political Assembly will take place on 3-4 December in Brussels.  More information will be available soon. 

EPP Congress 2018

Helsinki - Finland

The next EPP Congress will be held in Helsinki, Finland. Visit the official website of the Congress to find out more: https://helsinki2018.epp.eu/

EPP Summit November 2018


The next EPP Summit organised in Brussels will be held in November. More information will be available soon.

EPP Summit September 2018

Salzburg - Austria

An EPP Summit was held in Salzburg, Austria.

EPP St. Gery Dialogue – 8th edition


The eight edition of EPP Talk took place on 6 September in St. Gery, Brussels. Key decision-makers, experts and citizens met and exchanged ideas.

EPP Political Assembly September 2018

Brussels - Belgium

The EPP Political Assembly took place on 6-7 September in Brussels.

EPP Summit June 2018


An EPP Summit was held in Brussels, Belgium.

EPP Political Assembly June 2018

Warsaw - Poland

A EPP Political Assembly was held in Warsaw, Poland.

EPP Summit May 2018

Sofia - Bulgaria

The EPP Summit was held in Sofia, Bulgaria.