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EPP Political Assembly April 2020


An EPP Political Assembly will be held in Brussels in April. More information will be available soon.

EPP Summit May 2020


An EPP Summit will be held in May in Zagreb. More information available soon.

EPP Summit 17 December

Brussels - Belgium

The EPP Summit will take place in Brussels on the 17th of December. The EPP leaders, including EPP Heads of State and Governments, will meet ahead of the EUCO

EPP Political Assembly – December

Brussels - Belgium

EPP Political Assembly re-elects Deputy Secretary Generals

EPP Congress

Madrid - Spain

Following the re-election yesterday of Joseph Daul as EPP President, the Congress delegates today re-elected Secretary General Antonio López-Istúriz.

EPP Congress

Madrid - Spain

The EPP delegates re-elected President Joseph Daul to a three-year mandate at the helm of the party.

EPP Summit

Brussels - Belgium

The EPP’s EU heads of state and government and opposition leaders held an in-depth discussion on the migration crisis.

EPP Political Assembly 1-2 September

Brussels - Belgium

The Political Assembly of the European People's Party (EPP) has concluded a two-day meeting in Brussels.