EPP continues to support PLDM’s efforts for a common centre-right candidate

20. September 2016
European People’s Party (EPP) President Joseph DAUL received today in Brussels Mr Viorel CIBOTARU, President of our member party the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM), as well as PLDM Vice President Vadim Pistrinciuc and Maia SANDU, President of the Action and Solidarity Party. Following the meeting, the EPP President made the following statement: “I have called on Moldova’s centre-right, pro-European parties numerous times before to unite and present a common candidate ahead of presidential elections on 30 October. The Republic of Moldova needs a president who will stand strong and uphold EU values, a leader who has the courage to fight corruption and the popular support needed to implement the rule of law, and ensure an independent judiciary. To this extent, the EPP fully supports PLDM’s continuous efforts to identify and support a common candidate of the pro-European, centre-right forces, as it is only by being united that we can win. I also call on international organisations to allow for a high number of election observers in order to ensure the elections are free, fair and democratic.”

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