The members of the EPP Political Assembly met for two days in Brussels to vote on new member parties and partners and to discuss migration’s particular impact on women.

EPP representatives also voted in favour of accepting the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) as an associate member and Trentino Tyrolean Autonomist Party (PATT) as an observer member.

Furthermore, the delegates of the assembly approved, for the first time in the EPP’s history, two Lebanese parties, Kataeb and Lebanese Forces, as partners of our political family. The EPP thus underlined its strong belief that solutions to many common challenges, such as migration and security threats, can be found while working together with our partners from the Mediterranean region.

“By further engaging the region within the framework of the EPP’s newly established Partnership Programme for cooperation with parties from the Middle East and North Africa — with Lebanon as one of the key countries — we are convinced that all sides will profit from this cooperation and enhanced political dialogue,” said EPP President Joseph Daul.

Migration featured prominently on the political assembly’s agenda, especially with regard to migration’s impact on women.

“Violence against women is one of the main causes of departure. It must be addressed by reducing poverty and investing in women’s education and healthcare, as stressed in the resolution concerning migration’s impact on women. Once on the road, women and children are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking. We cannot let future generations be lost. This is why we call on law enforcement and border authorities to always consider the gender dimension of asylum and migration policy in their work,” concluded EPP President Joseph Daul.