As we celebrate Europe Day, we reflect on the origins of the European Project and achievements of the Founding Fathers. Guided by their Christian Democratic values, they laid the foundations of what has become the European Union. In this month’s European elections, the European People’s Party (EPP) President, Joseph Daul, stressed the importance of working in the spirit of the Robert Schuman declaration which took place 69 years ago today:

“Today we mark the reconciliation of a continent and celebrate the unity that made us and continues to make us stronger. The European Union has protected and protects our core values of democracy, freedom, tolerance and the rule of law. Just as in 1950, Europe remains the best answer to the challenges we face. Whether its our citizens’ security, climate change or the migration crisis, no single country can address these challenges alone.”

“As we head to the polls it’s important that we remember what we have built together and beware of the populists who want to destroy all that we have achieved in the past 70 years. We cannot build Europe’s future on a programme of destruction.”

“Rather, as Schuman famously said ‘’Europe will be built through concrete achievements”. EPP showed leadership in crises and turned challenging times into successful results. Under Jean-Claude Juncker’s Commission, 13 million new jobs have been created across the EU, we have achieved the lowest unemployment rate in the past 20 years and we have succeeded in diminishing illegal arrivals by 85% since the beginning of the migration crisis in 2015. A social Europe has also become a reality.”

“Europe improves peoples’ lives and must inspire optimism for the future. After the Second World War, the European project brought peace, prosperity and progress and continues to do so. We must remain on this path and demonstrate to our fellow citizens that the European Union will always offer hope and protection.”