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The European People’s Party.
Our commitment to a strong Europe.

Since its foundation in 1976, the European People’s Party (EPP) has advocated in favour of a strong, transparent and efficient Europe at the service of its citizens. The 2014 European Elections marked the fourth victory for the EPP and reaffirmed the party as the leading political force in Europe. Every day the renewed trust of the European citizens is the driving inspiration for the EPP’s activities. Being the largest political party entails the great responsibility to deliver on  all those issues which matter the most to our citizens: jobs and economic stability, competitiveness, security, and prosperity.

We are committed to working with our member parties and associations, our heads of state and government, our ministers in the EPP Ministerial Meetings, President Tusk, President Juncker and the EPP Commissioners, and our Group in the European Parliament to achieve these objectives and to promote our values, which we derive from our Christian Democrat tradition: the dignity of the human being, freedom, responsibility, equality, truth, justice, solidarity and subsidiarity.

We are aware of the importance of being united as well as the privilege of our differences, and of the importance of reaching our citizens and being more accessible in an increasingly interconnected reality. This platform, the new EPP website, has evolved to be more open to the user and aims to make the “European language” our common language.

We wish to offer the openness, dialogue and opportunity for debate which has always distinguished our political family.



Joseph Daul


Antonio López-Istúriz

Secretary General

Our commitments

What we believe and what we will do for Europe.


The promotion of the European model is crucial if we want European values to have an impact in a rapidly changing world.

Justice & Security

Migration, illicit arms, drug trade and human trafficking, as well as international terrorism are challenges of the globalised world.

Jobs & Growth

Jobs and economic growth enable our wellbeing. We must invest in competitiveness.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Entrepreneurs create the jobs in Europe. Innovations lead to greater wellbeing and prosperity.

External Relations

European strength-international/global responsibility. Tackling together international challenges with our global partners and friends.


History proves that Europe and America are better off when we work together.

Digital Society

Driving the digital transformation of Europe to leveraging the benefits and tackling the challenges for an inclusive, secure and sustainable digital society.


We believe in green and sustainable growth uncompromising on EU environment and safety standards.


Putting the EU economy back on the growth track can only be achieved with competitive energy prices and sustainable and secure supplies.

Climate Change

As a global leader, efficiently preserving our planet for future generations.


Supporting our farmers while providing the people with quality food at reasonable prices.

Western Balkans

Enhancing stability, preparing for enlargement by improving rule of law, justice systems, fight against corruption and good neighbourly relations.

Southern Neighborhood

Working for a more prosperous, stable and democratic Southern neighborhood.

Eastern Partnership

Reviewing the ENP, Re-launching the Eastern Partnership, achieving stability, democracy and prosperity in its Eastern neighbourhood.

Skills & Mobility

We must make sure that Europe has the highest skill level in the world.

Euro & Investments

We are fully committed to the euro.

Inclusive Society

We will take care of and help those in need. We must not leave anyone behind.

EPP News


EPP St. Géry Dialogue - Sixth Edition

Brussels - Belgium

The 6th edition of the EPP St. Géry Dialogue take place on the 4th of April in the framework of the EPP Political Assembly

Political Assembly - April

Brussels - Belgium

The EPP Political Assembly take place on the 4th and 5th of April in Brussels.

EPP Summit March 2016


The EPP leaders will meet to discuss the key topics ahead of the EU Council. You can follow the live streaming of the arrivals on our website.

We wish our Danish member party @KonservativeDK and its leader @SorenPape a very fruitful congress! #klr16https://t.co/a4j2DpWE4V

On #InternationalPeaceDay, it is our duty to work together in order to guarantee peace in #Europe & beyond. https://t.co/w9XZikUEsz

Best wishes to #Armenian people, who 25 years ago voted in favour of their country's independence. #անկախության օր https://t.co/6B4eVDZ0wh

Warm congratulations to the people of #Malta celebrating 52 years of independence today. Happy Jum l-Indipendenza! https://t.co/xYTW0RGJmw

EPP continues to support @PLDMoldova ’s efforts for a common centre-right candidate @sandumaiamd @CibotaruV https://t.co/QrWiTP42H0

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