The European People’s Party (EPP) welcomes the European Commission initiatives of 19 April to help European industries, researchers, and public authorities go digital by making the best use of new technologies.

“A true EU digital single market was one of the EPP’s main promises during the last elections in 2014. Today, President Juncker’s Commission made another important step towards delivering on that promise,” said EPP President Joseph DAUL.

“We are living and witnessing the fourth industrial revolution, where the boundaries between our physical and digital worlds are merging. Europe will have to adapt its economic, political, social and educational systems to this new reality so that citizens and European companies can fully benefit from new technological advances and lead global digitalisation,” continued President Daul.

“Digital transformation must remain a priority in order to make our companies more efficient. We must ensure EU citizens have the opportunity to acquire eSkills so they can fully benefit from the new jobs created by digitalisation. As digital technology is rapidly changing labour markets, we must anticipate and face this new reality.”

“A digital single market represents a huge untapped potential worth €415 billion a year and hundreds of thousands of jobs. We must ensure that our legislation, digital public services and standards are future-proof and enable innovation and new service models to emerge and flourish. We must turn Europe into the best place to establish innovative businesses which create new jobs,” concluded the EPP President.