Following the election of Antonio Tajani as the new president of the European Parliament, European People’s Party (EPP) President Joseph Daul made the following statement:

“It is my pleasure to extend my wholehearted congratulations to Antonio Tajani on his election as European Parliament president following a transparent, open and democratic competition. Antonio Tajani is a friend, a committed European, a man of his word and a long-time advocate for citizens’ well-being.

The European Parliament, as the only directly elected EU institution, needs an experienced leader to enable it to reconnect with EU citizens and focus on issues that will make a difference in people’s lives. At a time when many question the European Union, President Tajani is the right person for the job: he believes in Europe and will make sure that the Parliament fulfils the expectations of the people of Europe.

I am convinced that President Tajani will fiercely guard European values and will rise above political groups and parties to listen to all MEPs and the people they represent. He will use his 20 years of service to citizens in the EU institutions to ensure the European Parliament remains a bridge between the EU and its people and a strong promoter of its citizens’ interests.”