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Resolution adopted at the EPP Congress, Zagreb (Croatia), 20th - 21th November 2019

  • Taking note of the European Council conclusions on Albania in (17-18) October 2019 and the OSCE/ODIHR Report of 5 September 2019;
  • Recognizing the firm and unwavering commitment of the Democratic Party of Albania (DPA) to Albania’s European integration process;
  • Supporting EU’s commitment to the enlargement process upon the fulfilment of membership criteria by applicant countries;
  • Emphasizing the importance of the integration process as a catalyst for reforms, and welcoming the support which this process enjoys among the Albanian people;

The European People’s Party:

  1. Recognizing that Albania is facing a deep political crisis, urges the governing party and the opposition in Albania to undertake every effort to immediately overcome this deep political crisis through political dialogue.
  2. Recalls that a consensual adoption by political parties of an electoral reform in compliance with the OSCE/ODIHR recommendations that paves the way for free and fair elections, represents an important democratic condition for the future of the country and its path towards the EU.
  3. Recalling the OSCE/ODIHR repeated emphasis of the importance of political will in order to implement all rules regarding free and fair elections, calls for the implementation of the electoral reform, to the benefit of Albanian democracy and functioning democratic institutions at the central and local level;
  4. Expresses the urgent need for Albania to ensure the proper functioning of Constitutional and Supreme Courts by equipping them with judges; calls for a prompt final decision by the Constitutional Court on the legality of the local elections of 30 June 2019.
  5. Emphasizes that vote-buying actions and involvement of organized crime in the elections is unacceptable by European standards and calls for tangible progress and outcome in the timely and successful prosecution of all culprits including politicians, officials and criminal gangs associated with vote-buying and additional electoral crimes during the elections;
  6. Expresses deep concern about the recurring phenomenon of people with criminal records running for office or being appointed to public functions in open violation of the “Law of Decriminalization” and calls for the swift and unequivocal implementation of the law and the removal from office of all those in violation of the law.
  7. Urges Albania to swiftly establish the specialized structure to combat corruption and organized crime; calls for the initiation of criminal proceedings against judges and prosecutors who are accused of punishable behaviour through the vetting process.
  8. Emphasizes the need for a solid track record in the fight against massive cultivation and trafficking of cannabis and the fight against drug trafficking and money laundering; expresses the urgent need for Albania to announce proactive investigations, prosecutions and convictions for corruption and organized crime where appropriate; initiating and completing procedures against all culprits including high-rankings officials and politicians;
  9. Calls for tangible progress on administrative reform, as an important issue for Albania in its path to EU integration;
  10. Supports the Democratic Party of Albania in its efforts to address the legitimate concerns and European aspirations of the people of Albania.