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Manfred Weber


My mission is Europe. In July 1972 I was born in the district of Landshut. I went to school in rural Wildenberg about an hour’s drive from Munich. It is where I still live today with my wife. My school career led me from the elementary school in Wildenberg to technical high school and later to a physical engineering degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.Many of the valuable lessons in life I learned as a volunteer for the Catholic youth movement, playing in a band touring the region and participating in village life and the CSU youth organisation. My home and my youth have shaped the person I am today, I am proud of where I am from, just as I am a proud European. I chose to become a candidate for the European Parliament in 2004 because I wanted to work among Europeans. After the European elections in 2019, where I had the honour to be lead candidate for the EPP, I was re-elected EPP Group chair, after having been elected a first time in 2014. In the past ten years, I have worked closely with many EPP parties, because I believe profoundly that the EPP should be present locally to help our partners wherever our voters are.

Thanasis Bakolas

Secretary General

Thanasis Bakolas, Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister, Hellenic Republic, Greece, is the EPP Secretary General since the 1st of June 2022.

Paweł Graś

Chief of Cabinet


Sara Pini

Deputy Head of President's Office

  • Correspondence of the President
  • Managing social media
  • Preparing briefings and speeches

Hamda M'Rad Dali


  • Assistant at the President’s office

Maite Zabaleta

Assistant to the Secretary General

  • Secretary General Office activities

Karine Milheiro

Head of Press Department

  • Press networking
  • Relations with press departments of EU representation offices
  • Press monitoring

Alexandra Henman

Press Adviser

Tel: +32 2 300 59 06
  • Press relations.
  • Press activities.

Emilie Aakervik

Press assistant

  • Assistant at the Press Service

Patrick Voller

Secretary of External Relations

  • Coordination of EPP external relations
  • EPP Working Group 3 (Membership)
  • EPP Foreign Affairs Ministerial Meetings
  • Coordination of EPP Foreign Affairs Department (EaP, Sec & Def, Transatlantic Relations, MENA, Balkans)

Galina Fomenchenko

Senior Political Adviser

  • Eastern Partnership Countries, Russia
  • EPP General Affairs Ministerial Meeting
  • Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
  • Foreign Affairs in the field of energy (Eastern Partnership, Russia and Central Asia)
  • Future of Europe Group

Eva Patrashkova

Senior Political Adviser

  • EPP Ministerial Meetings on Agriculture
  • EPP Ministerial Meetings on Environment
  • EPP Ministerial Meetings on Energy
  • EPP Expert Group on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF)
  • EPP ad Hoc Working Group on the Future of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Ajla Hotic

Senior Political Adviser

  • Middle East and North Africa affairs.
  • EPP General Affairs Ministerial meetings.

Nathan Shepura

Senior Political Adviser

+ 32 (2) 2 309 28 78
  • Transatlantic relations
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Trade

Claudia Masi

Political Adviser

  • EPP WG1 European Policy
  • EPP Expert Group ‘Migration and Integration’
  • EPP Campaign Managers’ Meetings
  • Home Affairs ministers meeting

Julia Lisens-Zalutskaja

Political Adviser

  • EPP Initiative on addressing disinformation
  • EPP Foreign Affairs Ministerial meetings
  • EPP WG 3 “EPP Membership”
  • Nordic and Baltic countries

Eline Chivot

Senior adviser on Digital policy

  • WG2
  • Expert Group on Innovation

Pavlína Heymans Špačková

Officer for Ministerial Meetings and Archive Manager. Head of office EPP Women

  • Support for Agriculture, Environment, Justice Affairs, Home Affairs, and General Ministerial Meetings
  • Head of Office EPP Women
  • Archive management
  • EPP Political Assembly

Martin Harangozo

Assistant to the Deputy-Secretary General


Daphné Lamal

HR and Finance Manager

  • HR management & implementation
  • Financial administration
  • Congress & events
  • CRM
  • Office Dep Sec Gen Luc Vandeputte

Kristina Ilievska

HR and Finance Assistant


Charlotte Frizberg

Event Officer

  • Management of member parties' database
  • Organisation of EPP Summits, Political Assemblies, Congresses and Presidency

Rok Tus

Multimedia Manager

  • Supervising the audio visual production
  • Video editing
  • Graphic design

Moritz Kreis

Video editor

+32(0)2-309 28 63
  • Video production.
  • Video making for social media and events.

Kamila Rokošová

Graphic designer

  • Graphic Design
  • Visual identity

Guy Volckaert

Manager of Informatics & Internet

  • IT network and servers of Party headquarters
  • Intranet and internet management
  • Strategic developments

Koert Dekker

Trainee at the Communications Department

+32 471998510