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Peace, freedom and prosperity: these objectives successfully bring Europeans together as partners for a much better future after the horrors of the Second World War. The United Kingdom fought for Europe’s freedom in Europe’s darkest hour. The United Kingdom led again in extending Europe’s frontier of freedom on the fall of the Iron Curtain. Europe as we know it today would not exist without the United Kingdom and the UK would not be what it is today without Europe.

The United Kingdom inside the European Union is a driver for freedom, security and, through economic openness and innovation, for opportunity for all Europeans. The best deal for Britain must be fair to all the European Union Member States and to all European citizens.

Without discrimination, it must of course respect the inviolable four freedoms underpinning our union of achievement and values. Non-discrimination and freedom of movement are core European principles.

All must recognise that the Eurozone must be free, unimpeded by veto, to progress further. All must recognise the need to avoid discrimination between Eurozone and non-Eurozone countries and to defend the single market. The EPP will hold true to the twin principles of subsidiarity and “ever closer union among the peoples of Europe”.

We are committed to the European project as the guardian of peace, freedom and prosperity for future generations of Europeans.

We hope the UK will continue to help us to build a more competitive Europe for the benefit of all. We hope the UK will continue to help us to complete the Single Market, cutting red tape for small and medium-sized enterprises and creating millions of new jobs. We hope the UK will continue to help us all to be more secure. The challenges in future will not become less. Competition with other regions of the world will become stronger, threats are increasing and we are convinced that we will only be able to defend our values and our prosperity together.

United, together, we better protect our common values and create more opportunities for all European people. The United Kingdom is the fifth largest economy in the world but the EU’s 28 Member States jointly form the world’s largest economy, the world’s biggest single market and the most prosperous continent.

We have achieved and can in future achieve so much together as partners who share the same values of democracy and universal human rights, the rule of law and entrepreneurship.  After their forthcoming national debate, we hope the British people will choose to remain as members of the EU.

The United Kingdom is stronger and more secure as a member of a European Union united in diversity. We warmly extend the hand of friendship as fellow Europeans to the great British people.

We are all stronger together.