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Emergency resolution on Georgia

Resolution adopted by the EPP Political Assembly on 10 March 2023
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We are highly concerned about recent developments in Georgia, including the proposed Russian-style “foreign agent’s” law and the events surrounding it. These actions have greatly damaged the reputation of the Georgian government and led to deep doubts about their commitment to the European course. This law does not aim to promote the development of democracy but deeply harms democratic consoli- dation in the country. We have seen such regulations in Russia, Belarus and other countries where democratic values are very clearly rejected. This does not allow the country to open the door of Europe. We regret that the government of Georgia stubbornly continues to take steps completely opposite to what the country needs in this historic moment in Europe caused by Russia ́s war in Ukraine. On the other hand, we have seen how great are the aspirations of Georgian women and men and young people for a better future. Their determination to European values and standards excites and inspires us all. All consideration of this law should be stopped; protesters, political leaders, activists and young people should be released and should be freed from criminal charges. We condemn the use of disproportionate force on demonstrators as well. More generally, the course of the Georgian government in recent years indicates a clear backsliding of democracy. Furthermore, the positioning of the government of Georgia regarding the Russian aggression against Ukraine — including a malicious and absurd propaganda campaign that the EU and US are pres- suring the administration of Georgia to start military action against Russia, replicating Russian disinforma- tion narratives — raises alarm. With these actions, the mindset of Georgia ́s current government is clearly going against a Euro-Atlantic future. The EPP continues to express strong support for Georgia ́s freedom and sovereignty in pursuing its Euro- pean and Euro-Atlantic course.

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