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EPP Priorities to achieve a Digital Single Market

Resolution adopted at the EPP Congress, Dublin (Ireland), 6th -7th March 2014

  1. The completion of the Digital Single Market will make a decisive contribution to EU’s efforts to generate growth and successfully exit the crisis. We are determined to address all of the existing barriers that hinder the development of a true Digital Single Market.
  1. We will ensure a swift implementation of the Services Directive to further open the Single Market for services. The EPP will provide strong leadership in all EU institutions and clear political ownership in the Member States to fully and effectively implement and enforce Single Market-related rules, such as the Consumer Rights Directive and the online dispute resolution. We will cut red tape in order to create jobs and growth in the EU.
  1. We want to remove the remaining legal and fiscal barriers to ensure that both consumers and companies can fully benefit from the digital SME-driven Single Market. This includes increasing product safety and improving market surveillance, creating uniform civil law rules applicable for cross-border situations, and clarifying tax rules, such as a new simplified VAT system, in conformity with Single Market rules.
  1. We will set ambitious targets for 2020. Our aim should be to connect all European households with broadband connections delivering 100 megabit per second, with 50% of the households subscribing to 1 gigabit per second.
  1. We will make sure that EU Member States and the Commission will create the right conditions for large scale investment in fixed and wireless networks. It is regrettable that the roll out of 4G in the EU has been hampered by delays in the allocation of the “digital dividend” in the 800 MHz band. Member States should therefore swiftly implement the Radio Spectrum Policy Program.
  1. We will push forward the full digitalisation of the public sector, including the promotion of e-skills. This will be an important accelerator for the creation of a digital single market and new jobs. The Member States and the Commission should ensure that information on public procurement and calls for tenders are available online.
  1. We want a modernised European Data Protection Regulation. This shall provide the right balance between a high level of safety for users and control of their personal data, and make the EU more attractive for businesses.
  1. Action is needed at the EU level to provide businesses and consumers with the means and the confidence to trade online. We need to ensure an efficient regulatory framework for the protection of copyright and intellectual property rights management suited to the reality of the digital economy.
  1. EPP will make sure that EU and national regulatory frameworks, which allow for a fully-fledged and effectively integrated online and mobile payments market, are implemented.