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European Digital University

Resolution adopted by the EPP Political Assembly (28th January 2014)

Acknowledging the continuous technological progress and widespread broadband Internet access and its importance to higher education.

Stressing the need to embrace digital provision of teaching materials via online-platforms by higher education institutions as inevitable in future.

Positive about the wide range of digital content already being provided by higher-education institutions.

Encouraging the European Union to create one single platform to bundle existing digital learning content with the purpose of avoiding existing technical problems.

We,  the  European  Democrat  Students,  the  official  student  organisation  of  the European People’s Party (EPP), call upon the EPP to:

  • Promote the integration of these multifaceted e-learning opportunities into a common system and promote the development of digital long-life learning programs, and the launch of a digital European Higher Education Area.
  • Address the issues around digital learning not only at a national level but to develop these at a European level. The concept of a single digital learning platform at the European level – ‘EDU’ – would enable students not only to gain a closer insight into teaching methods of other universities but first of all to arrange their individual studies in the most suitable way.
  • Foster the implementation of such a platform to allow students to gain a comprehensive overview of universities across the EU and to enable participating institutions to voluntarily supply digital learning content. This will be the first step towards taking full advantage of ‘EDU’ and to actually creating a European higher-education area, for the benefit of developing a modern and digitalised education system.