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Freedom of Faith and Worship

Resolution adopted by the EPP Political Assembly (5th September 2013, Brussels)

Taking into consideration:

The unanimously adopted resolution on Religious Intolerance by the EPP Political Assembly on January 2013;

Our moral obligation and co-responsibility to stand up for Christians around the world, considering our cultural heritage rooted in Judeo-Christian traditions;

The freedom of thought, conscience and religion as basic principles, enshrined in the 1948  Universal  Declaration  of  Human  Rights  and  in  the  European  Chapter  of Fundamental Rights;

The fact that during the last month incidents of extremist violence towards Christian Churches as places to Worship occurred in Egypt, Syria and Albania

The European People’s Party:

  1. Reaffirms the need to fully respect the freedoms of faith, religion and belief as fundamental and universal human rights and as essential elements of democracy the respect of which is a precondition for aspiring integration in the European Union;
  2. Condemns all acts of violence, that target religious minorities and communities in countries such as Syria and Egypt;
  3. Strongly condemns the extremist act against the Orthodox Church in Premeti Albania, its priests and its possessions, as an act of extremism against Christianity in European Soil;
  4. Urges all authorities to deter any discriminatory acts against religious groups and to ensure equal dignity and equal opportunities to all citizens of Egypt and Syria;
  5. Calls for respect and adequate protection to be given to properties belonged by religious communities (churches, charitable institutions, religious schools).