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Emergency Resolution adopted at the EPP Congress, Helsinki (Finland), 7 – 8 November 2018

We are deeply concerned by the increasing concentration of economic and political power in the hands of a select group of people and the deterioration of basic democratic standards in the Republic of Moldova: the rule of law, democratic institutions, independence of the judiciary, state institutions free from excessive politicisation, commitment to fight corruption, media freedom, respect for human rights and the right of the political opposition not to be harassed. We call on the Moldovan authorities to:

. Guarantee the fundamental principle of democratic representation and ensure that the will of the voters, as expressed in the 2018 Chisinau mayoral election and as recognized by the national and international observers, is fully respected;

. Ensure the principle of judicial independence and renounce the anti-democratic practice of politicising the judiciary and the instrumentalization of the justice system for political ends;

. Guarantee political pluralism and stop the harassment and intimidation of the opposition and cease the politically-motivated prosecutions and dismissals of opposition members and activists throughout the country;

. Address the recommendations of the OSCE/ODIHR and the Venice Commission on electoral reform; there is a risk that, under the current set of rules, elections won’t be recognised by the international community;

. Guarantee the integrity of the upcoming election process by refraining from the use of administrative resources and unlawful use of state institutions against political opponents prior, during and after the electoral campaign;

. Ensure the right of free and fair elections by allowing the citizens of the Republic of Moldova living abroad to participate fully and freely in the upcoming parliamentary elections;

. Guarantee freedom of speech and media freedom, stop discrimination against independent journalists by denying them access to events that present major public interest and end the anti-democratic practice of criminalizing journalistic work as a tool of political retribution;

. Demonstrate genuine commitment to the rule of law by fully and promptly investigating the billion dollar fraud, so that all perpetrators are brought to justice;

. Respect international principles and best practices and guarantee an environment that enables the role of civil society; and strongly acknowledge the pressure placed on NGOs by denying their right to access foreign funding.