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Resolution tabled by the DP Albania

adopted by the EPP Political Assembly on 7 December 2020
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  • Taking note of the General Affairs Council conclusions on Albania on 25 March 2020;
  • Taking note of the European Parliament recommendation on 19 June 2020 ‘The Western Balkans”;
  • Considering the important conditions by the European Council and supported by the European Parliament that need to be fulfilled by Albania including preconditions that must be met prior to the first EU intergovernmental conference;
  • Recognising the firm and unwavering commitment of the Democratic Party of Albania to Albania’s European integration process;
  • Supporting the EU’s commitment to the enlargement process upon the fulfillment of membership criteria by applicant countries;
  • Emphasizing the importance of the integration process as a catalyst for reforms, and welcoming the support which this process enjoys among the Albanian people;
The European People’s Party:
  1. Recognizing that Albania is facing a deep constitutional and political crisis, urges the governing party and the opposition in Albania to undertake every effort to immediately overcome this deep serious crisis.
  2. Recognizes the importance of implementation of free and fair general elections of April 25th 2021 as vital for further advancement in the EU integration process;
  3. Appreciates the consensually adopted electoral legislation but denouncing the later unilateral government laws that violated the cross-party June 5th Agreement, thus undermining domestic and European trust;
  4. Urges the Parliament of Albania to abide by and implement immediately the upcoming opinion of the Venice Commission requested by Albania with regard to the April 25th elections;
  5. Calls for the prosecution of the suspects, including ruling party officials, in vote buying and vote rigging as presented also in the prosecutorial files 339 and 184 and exposed in the European media. Emphasizes that obstruction of justice and continued impunity is unacceptable;
  6. Urges Albania to ensure the proper functioning of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts and other judiciary bodies;
  7. Urges the authorities to fight money laundering including in development and construction as cases in the Tirana municipality indicate;
  8. Notes that despite institutional progress with the justice reform and many high-profile corruption scandals, no case of high level corruption has been meaningfully prosecuted, or brought to justice; calls on Albania to show track record progress.
  9. Recalling the repeated concern of the EU on the December 2019 media law and the relevant June 2020 Venice Commission opinion it is dismayed that Government and Parliament have not yet acted upon.
  10. Supports the Democratic Party of Albania in its efforts to address legitimate concerns and European aspirations of the people of Albania.

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