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The political crisis situation in Bulgaria

Resolution adopted by the EPP Political Assembly (5th September 2013, Brussels)

The European People’s Party (EPP):

Follows with great concern the political developments in Bulgaria which have evolved since the pre-term parliamentary elections took place in May this year;

Deplores the aggressive and manipulative election campaign that is without precedent and which made it possible for a PES-ALDE coalition government to be formed, approved and kept in power thanks to the parliamentarian behaviour and support of the radical anti-EU and xenophobic “Ataka” party;

Expresses its deep regret regarding the attempts of the ruling coalition to appoint to key institutional positions figures with doubtful professional and moral reputations, which provoked the massive demonstrations we have been witnessing for more than two months now;

Denounces as a “loyalty purge” the dismissal of state administration experts, praised by business and civil society for the efficient public partnership they have put in place, and their replacement by persons close to the political parties in power;

Is concerned by the tendency to reverse the conservative fiscal policy Bulgaria has carried out so far, manifested by the annual budget adjustment that increased the deficit and debt;

Considers as populism the publically announced intentions of the ruling parties to abandon further and necessary reforms and to even step back from reforms in progress, for instance the reforms related to the pension system;

Is alarmed by last week’s incident when the police authorities in Varna District, without stating their reasons, required one of our member parties’ local structures to provide data on those members who have joined the party in the first six months of the year;

In this regard, the EPP:

– welcomes as legitimate peaceful protests of Bulgarian civil society against the coalition’s ruling methods and lack of transparency, the most severe examples relating to the government’s staff and budget policy, and condemns the attempts at provocation against the demonstrators;

– insists furthermore that the political crisis situation in the country threatens democratic values and principles to the detriment of Bulgarian business and civil society and the EU as a whole;

– is of the view that new elections – free of manipulation – are the only way out of the current destructive political deadlock, and that such elections would allow Bulgarian institutions to gain back the confidence of Bulgarian citizens and their European partners.