A staff of 35 people is working at the European
People’s Party headquarters in Brussels.

  • President
  • Secretary General
  • Elected Officials
  • President's Office
  • Secretary General's Office
  • Press
  • External Relations
  • Advisers
  • Officer and Assistants
  • HR and Finances
  • Events
  • Communications
  • IT
  • Trainees
  • All staff

Donald Tusk


  • President of the EPP

Antonio López-Istúriz

Secretary General, MEP

  • Head of the General Secretariat, its departments and personnel
  • Implementing decisions of the Presidency and exercising the decisions of the Party organs
  • Supervising the cooperation of member parties

Christian Kremer

Deputy Secretary General

  • Head of the Policy and Strategy Department
  • Overall coordination of Ministerial Meetings
  • Working Groups (WGs)
  • External Relations

Luc Vandeputte

Deputy Secretary General

  • Head of the Organization, Legal, Finances and Human Resources Department
  • In charge of Summit, Congress, Presidency and Political Assembly organization
  • General Administration
  • Communication and Marketing

Paweł Graś

Chief of Cabinet


Emilia Surowska

Head of Office


Beata Turska

Press and Communications Advisor to the President


Sara Pini

Deputy Head of President's Office

  • Correspondence of the President
  • Managing social media
  • Preparing briefings and speeches

Hamda M'Rad Dali


  • Assistant at the President’s office

Luis Fernando Blanco

Chief of Cabinet of the Secretary General

  • Advising the Secretary General on all party-political, strategic and organisational matters
  • Management of the Secretary General's political agenda
  • Management and coordination of the Secretary General's cabinet

Pilar Santamaría

Head of Press and Communications of the Secretary General

  • Media and Press for Secretary General's office

Maite Zabaleta

Assistant to the Secretary General

  • Secretary General Office activities

Karine Milheiro

Head of Press Department

  • Press networking
  • Relations with press departments of EU representation offices
  • Press monitoring

Alexandra Henman

Press Adviser

Tel: +32 2 300 59 06
  • Press relations.
  • Press activities.

Gareth Gregan

Press Assistant

  • Assistant at the Press Service

Patrick Voller

Secretary of External Relations

  • Coordination of EPP external relations
  • EPP Working Group 3 (Membership)
  • EPP Foreign Affairs Ministerial Meetings
  • Coordination of EPP Foreign Affairs Department (EaP, Sec & Def, Transatlantic Relations, MENA, Balkans)

Galina Fomenchenko

Senior Political Adviser

  • Eastern Partnership Countries, Russia
  • EPP General Affairs Ministerial Meeting
  • Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
  • Foreign Affairs in the field of energy (Eastern Partnership, Russia and Central Asia)
  • Future of Europe Group

Juan Magaz

Political Adviser

  • EPP Ministerial meetings on Security and Defence
  • EPP expert group on Security and Defence
  • EPP and likeminded Group in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
  • EPP and associated Group in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly
  • WG Statutes

Eva Patrashkova

Senior Political Adviser

  • EPP Ministerial Meetings on Agriculture
  • EPP Ministerial Meetings on Environment
  • EPP Ministerial Meetings on Energy
  • EPP Expert Group on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF)
  • EPP ad Hoc Working Group on the Future of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Ajla Hotic

Political Adviser

  • Middle East and North Africa affairs.
  • EPP General Affairs Ministerial meetings.

Nathan Shepura

Senior Political Adviser

+ 32 (2) 2 309 28 78
  • Transatlantic relations
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Trade

Claudia Masi

Political Adviser

  • EPP WG1 European Policy
  • EPP Expert Group ‘Migration and Integration’
  • EPP Campaign Managers’ Meetings
  • Home Affairs ministers meeting

Julia Lisens-Zalutskaja

Political Adviser

  • EPP Initiative on addressing disinformation
  • EPP Foreign Affairs Ministerial meetings
  • EPP WG 3 “EPP Membership”
  • Nordic and Baltic countries

Eline Chivot

Senior adviser on Digital policy

  • Senior adviser on Digital policy

Jules Lobry-Deblyck

Political Adviser

  • Adviser on Economic and Social Policy

Yelba Torres

Officer for Ministerial Meetings and Working Groups

  • Support of ECOFIN, Competitiveness, EPSCO, Energy Ministerial Meetings and of Working Groups II

Pavlína Heymans Špačková

Officer for Ministerial Meetings and Archive Manager. Head of office EPP Women

  • Support for Agriculture, Environment, Justice Affairs, Home Affairs, and General Ministerial Meetings
  • Head of Office EPP Women
  • Archive management
  • EPP Political Assembly

Martin Harangozo

Assistant to the Deputy-Secretary General Christian Kremer

  • Management of Deputy Secretary General's Christian Kremer office

Daphné Lamal

HR and Finance Manager

  • HR management & implementation
  • Financial administration
  • Congress & events
  • CRM
  • Office Dep Sec Gen Luc Vandeputte

Kristina Ilievska

HR and Finance Assistant


Charlotte Frizberg

Event Officer

  • Management of member parties' database
  • Organisation of EPP Summits, Political Assemblies, Congresses and Presidency

Matteo Albania

Head of Communications and Marketing

  • Heading and coordinating the communications and marketing of the Party.
  • Social media management.

Rok Tus

Multimedia Manager

  • Supervising the audio visual production
  • Video editing
  • Graphic design

Moritz Kreis

Video editor

+32(0)2-309 28 63
  • Video production.
  • Video making for social media and events.

Kamila Rokošová

Graphic designer

  • Graphic Design
  • Visual identity

Guy Volckaert

Manager of Informatics & Internet

  • IT network and servers of Party headquarters
  • Intranet and internet management
  • Strategic developments

Koert Dekker

Trainee at the Communications Department

+32 471998510

Pilar de Alvear

Trainee at the Secretary General Office

+32 22854144