EPP expresses solidarity with all those affected by COVID-19 and reiterates support to its member parties

14. March 2020
EPP expresses solidarity with all those affected by COVID-19 and reiterates support to its member parties The Secretary General of the European People’s Party Antonio López-Istúriz has expressed the party’s solidarity with all those affected by the pandemic COVID-19 and reiterated support in a letter to our member parties in this crisis that requires efforts from the local to the European levels. Please see below the full text. Communication to the EPP Ordinary, Associate and Observer Member Parties COVID-19 has spread across Europe and it is paramount that society and political stakeholders act together and with responsibility in the best interest of our citizens. In recent days, we have seen many European countries increasing measures to hinder the further spread of the virus. The European People´s Party expresses solidarity with all those affected by this pandemic and expresses its appreciation for all public servants around Europe stepping up to this challenging situation and acting with full devotion to guarantee that the spread of the disease be contained and public services are minimally affected. The European People´s Party, in accordance with its values and commitment to public service, remains open and operational. In respect to the gravity of the situation and in compliance with the measures adopted by the Belgian authorities, we have requested our staff to work from home and have given them the means to effectively do so. All members of our staff are vigilant and contactable via telephone, e-mail and video conference. For now, the upcoming party meetings – EPP Summit on 26 March and the Political Assembly, as well as working group meetings at the end of April – remain confirmed. Should there be any change in this year’s calendar, rest assured that all member parties will be informed in due time. It is our deep belief that this crisis requires a joint effort from local, regional, national and European stakeholders. The EPP, as the only European political party with elected representatives from all 27 Member States in the European Parliament, will step up to the challenges and assume its coordinating role amongst political stakeholders around the continent and beyond. We support the efforts of the European Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen to implement a coordinated European response to this crisis and ask the members of our political family to remain in close contact with us so that we can do our part and support European citizens in the best way possible.

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