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The EPP is led by the Presidency, the executive body of the EPP. It decides on the general political guidelines of the Party and presides over the Political Assembly. According to the EPP statutes, the Presidency is composed of:

  1. The President of the EPP;
  2. The President of the European Commission,
    The President of the European Council,
    The High Representative on Foreign an Security Policy,
    The President of the European Parliament (to the extent that these persons are affiliated to the EPP);
  3. The Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament;
  4. The Honorary President(s);
  5. Ten Vice-Presidents;
  6. The Treasurer;
  7. The Secretary General.

The presidency is elected every three years by the EPP Congress. The last election was held during the 2019 Zagreb Congress, after which the composition of the Presidency is as follows:

Members of the Presidency