Tuesday 17 January 2023  EPP Finance Ministers, co-chaired by Eurogroup President Paschal DONOHOE and EU Executive Vice-President Valdis DOMBROVSKIS, met this morning in Brussels to prepare today’s EU ECOFIN Council agenda.  President DONOHOE shared an update of yesterday’s Eurogroup meeting, where EPP Ministers welcomed the occasion of Croatia’s euro accession under the leadership of Prime Minister Andrej PLENKOVIĆ.  EPP Ministers discussed the priorities and work program of Sweden’s EU Council Presidency. Due attention remains on the consequences of the war in Ukraine, as well as providing support to Ukraine. The Swedish Presidency will also seek to build a concerted approach to European competitiveness.  EPP Ministers welcomed the progress of the Commission’s negotiations with the US regarding the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). They noted the need for the EU to swiftly move ahead with discussions to come up with a coordinated response, without undermining the benefits of free and fair global trade, the integrity of the single market or risking a subsidy race.  EU EVP DOMBROVSKIS reported on general economic updates, the consequences of the war in Ukraine on Europe’s economy and Europe’s path towards economic recovery through the implementation of the RRF. Ministers were also updated regarding progress of the Commission on the Economic Governance Review. 

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