Following a meeting of the European People’s Party Eurozone Finance Ministers ahead of the Euro Summit this evening to discuss the situation in Greece, EPP President Joseph Daul made the following statement:

The future of Greece has never been more uncertain. Over the past five months the Syriza government has turned a predicted growth of 2.9% into a recession. During this time the actions of the current government have caused more than 5 billion euros of lost growth alone,” said the EPP President.

Sadly, Greece is teetering on the brink of another recession after the Tsipras government closed the banks. Any positive economic outcome was destroyed by reckless political games. Unfortunately, it is the people of Greece who are paying the costs for this government’s political gambling,” the EPP President continued.

As the Greek economy finds itself in this devastating situation, it is up to Prime Minister Tsipras to put forward a viable proposal for recovery. The Syriza government will also need to work hard to rebuild trust with the European partners and demonstrate that it can keep its word in implementing an agreement.”

No other country has advanced without going through changes and structural reforms. Empty words and passing the bill to the other 18 Eurozone members will not lead to growth and competitiveness. Greece needs a sustainable economy investors can trust, but for this, it first needs a trustworthy government,” concluded the EPP President.