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Working Groups are the backbone of the EPP’s political work, where representatives from the EPP member parties develop common positions and strategies on major policy areas and submit specific recommendations to the Political Assembly for final approval. A Working Group can be given a specific mandate for preparative work for EPP Summits and the EPP Congress. Working Groups are also responsible for organising conferences, roundtable discussions and other important events.

European Policy

Working group I

The Working Group has the task of preparing the EPP’s most vital policy papers and Congress documents on European issues.

Economic & Social Policy

Working group II

The working group is focused on responding to the current economic and financial crisis, the Lisbon process, demographic issues, and research and development.

EPP Membership

Working group III

Chaired by EPP Vice-President and MEP Paulo Rangel, this Working Group is mandated to promote, facilitate and incorporate new EPP members, associate members, and observers throughout the continent. When a party is accepted in the EPP, its elected representatives automatically join the EPP Group in the European Parliament, and all other EPP Groups and organisations.