Today 9 June, on the last day of the European elections, EPP Lead Candidate Ursula von der Leyen will be in Brussels to follow the results of the elections from the EPP Headquarters and celebrate with supporters attending the EPP election night event.
EPP President Manfred Weber and Secretary-General Thanasis Bakolas will also be at the EPP election night event with the Lead Candidate.
Lead Candidate von der Leyen has cast her vote for a strong Europe in Germany before heading to Brussels.
In Brussels, she will address the CDU election rally taking place in Berlin at +/- 18:45 CEST, via videoconference.
Later in the evening, as more countries close their polling stations, Lead Candidate von der Leyen and President Weber will address supporters gathered at the EPP election night event.
At around 22:15 President Weber will hold a press conference in the European Parliament hemicycle.
As of 23:30 CEST, after the European Parliament has announced its first provisional results, Lead Candidate von der Leyen will go to the Parliament to speak to the media from the hemicycle.
All speeches will be broadcast live on the Lead Candidate’s website.
Press representatives are reminded that registration closed last Thursday and is no longer possible. Access to the venue and the working area for registered journalists will be possible today as of 18:00 at 10 Rue du Commerce.
 Streaming options
  • RTMP player via
  • SRT feed in can be leased in 1080i50 to decoders in called mode (please register before June 9, noon for patching)
HD video feed via wireless units
  • WMT routing can be patched in 1080i50 to decoders (please register before Friday, June 7, noon for patching)
For patching, contact: Marc Colemont +32 475 73 37 93
For press queries related to the campaign of Ursula von der Leyen, please contact:
Campaign Chief Spokesperson, Alexander Winterstein (; +32 471 90 76 31)
Campaign Deputy Spokesperson, Alexandra Henman (; +32 471 90 76 84)
For press queries related to the election night event, please contact:
Campaign communication and policy officer, Óscar Sánchez Benítez (; +32 478 60 27 69)

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For more information contact:


Alexandra Henman

Deputy Spokesperson

+32 471 90 76 84


Angelos Athanasopoulos

National and Regional Press Director

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