EPP Foreign Affairs Ministers, chaired by Italian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and EPP Vice-President Antonio TAJANI met this morning to prepare the FAC agenda. Hanke BRUINS SLOT, the new Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, was warmly welcomed for the first time into the group. The situation in Israel and the Middle East was the primary issue on the agenda of the EPP Ministers. They emphasised the importance of maintaining EU unity, while recognising Israel’s right to defend itself in line with international law and unequivocally condemning Hamas’ atrocious terrorist attacks. Ministers also discussed the risk of regional spill-over of the conflict and its implications for the EU. Furthermore, Ministers exchanged views on the ongoing brutal Russian war of aggression against Ukraine as well as the need for strengthening the EU-Armenia cooperation. The High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian SCHMIDT attended the EPP meeting as a guest. EPP Ministers underlined the importance of intensifying EU’s engagement with the Western Balkans in the light of the recent presentation of European Commission enlargement package and in the context of current geopolitical challenges in the European neighbourhood.

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