Following today’s parliamentary vote, the President of the European People’s Party (EPP), Joseph DAUL, warmly congratulated Andrej PLENKOVIĆ on the new cabinet’s approval:

“The vote that took place today in the Croatian parliament reflects the determination of the new leadership in the country. Nearly a month after the elections, Andrej Plenković has swiftly delivered a steady government with concrete proposals for boosting Croatia’s economy and improving the lives of Croatia’s citizens.

Andrej Plenković has set a new tone and new direction for the Croatian political landscape. Far from the populist sirens, he will, with the HDZ, provide political stability and legal security needed to foster economic growth and a social market economy which benefits the Croatian people.

The work will start straightaway for Andrej Plenković; I will have the pleasure to welcome the new Prime Minister tomorrow at the EPP Summit as we prepare for the European Council together with all the heads of state and government and the opposition leaders from our political family.”