The members of the European People’s Party (EPP) Political Assembly adopted the centre-right vision for the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) post-2020. In the margins of the meeting, the EPP President Joseph Daul stated:

“The EU budget must ensure that each euro spent will improve the lives of the European citizens: boosting competitiveness in a sustainable way, protecting the vulnerable, strengthening EU security and defence and stabilise our immediate neighbourhood. Brexit will impact the shape of the EU’s budget but it will not change its course nor priorities.

We will carry on with ongoing policies such as the Common Agricultural Policy and the Cohesion Fund while adapting the EU budget to new realities, such as the protection of the EU’s external borders. With new priorities and a new format of 27 Member States, the EU budget will require new funding. Responsibility, efficiency and flexibility must be the MFF guiding principles. The EPP will make each euro work towards a prosperous and secure Europe.

European people and businesses need stability and predictability. The next MFF must be adopted before the 2019 European elections. The EU budget cannot get caught in an election cycle. This is also why EPP favours a 7-year MFF time span which also gives continuity.”