EPP Political Assembly prepares for 2019 European elections, talks about fighting populism and accepts new member parties

05. December 2017
In view of the upcoming European elections in 2019, European People’s Party (EPP) members decided to organise its Spitzenkandidat election Congress in Finland next year, co-hosted by our Finnish member party Kokoomus. In addition, EPP members agreed to hold important political events in 2018 and 2019 in Poland to strongly support our Polish member party Civic Platform and that the 2019 party Congress will take place in Croatia, co-hosted by our Croatian member HDZ. “The EPP is committed to the Spitzenkandidat process. We are moving ahead with the preparations for the European elections and we will elect the EPP Spitzenkandidat in November next year in Finland. We will lead a campaign of policies. This is why we debated populism in our political assembly today and adopted 8 resolutions on topics where we can make a difference for the European people such as combatting Islamist terrorism and the digitalisation of our societies,” said EPP President Joseph Daul at the meeting. The Political Assembly also featured an in-depth debate to counter the rise of populist parties with speakers Professor Žiga Turk (Slovenia), Former Minister for Growth and Former Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and Benjamin Dalle (Belgium), Director of Ceder. Following the debate, EPP President Joseph Daul made the following statement: “Concrete results will overcome the empty promises of populists. We need to bring solutions to the problems faced by our citizens. This is the way to counter the fables of the populists. We need to remain focused on where the European Union makes a difference for European citizens. It is also our duty to reconnect with the European people and better explain our achievements.” The EPP also accepted and welcomed two new observer member parties from Moldova, Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) as well as Dignity and Truth Platform Political Party (PPDA), into its family. The members of the Political Assembly adopted 8 resolutions to improve European citizens’ lives:

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