As the European Commission unveiled today its overview for the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) post-2020, Joseph Daul, the President of European People’s Party (EPP), welcomed the proposal and expressed his strong support that Günther Oettinger, Commissioner responsible for Budget and Human Resources, will deliver the budget in a timely manner for a prosperous and secure Europe:

“In the interests of European citizens and businesses, the adoption and implementation of the European budget cannot suffer any delay. This means that the MFF must be finalised before the 2019 European elections and Commissioner Oettinger can count on EPP’s support. We call on institutions to work together to deliver the budget to European citizens. Each euro spent must make a difference for the European people, secure their futures and increase the competitiveness of the European economy.

Challenges such as security and migration require European leadership, which is reflected in the European budget with the creation of a European Defence Programme, additional backing for military mobility and the tripling of the funding allocated to border management and migration. The MFF must continue successful policies such as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and Cohesion Policy. Preparing for the future also means investing in our people and knowledge. We fully support the European Commission’s increased budget for Erasmus+, research and innovation.

We need to give ourselves the means to realise our ambitions. It is not only about additional resources but using the ones we have more efficiently by simplifying procedures and reducing bureaucracy. It also implies eliminating all rebates over a transition phase of five years. The EPP has long been advocating for new funding, with higher Member States’ contributions and new own resources, and for more flexibility to address new and unexpected challenges. We are glad to see this reflected in the European Commission’s proposal.

Brexit may impact the shape of the EU’s budget but it will not change its course nor its priorities. The next European budget will be decided by 27 Member states for 450 million Europeans. The decisions taken by the 27 must be respected by the 27 as solidarity underpins all European actions. The MFF post-2020 will shape the next decade of our continent and it is our duty to make sure that each European benefits from it.”