Following yesterday’s agreement of the Eurogroup, the President of the European People’s Party (EPP), Joseph Daul, stated this morning:

“The decision of the Eurogroup confirms the solidarity of Europe with the people of Greece. This agreement gives the European institutions and the Greek authorities the much-needed time to find a common, long-term solution for returning Greece to growth and employment,” said EPP President Joseph Daul.

“I also welcome the commitment of the Greek government to fully and timely honour their financial obligations vis-à-vis the people of Europe. Likewise, I welcome the commitment of the Greek government to refrain from unilateral changes to policies; as we have seen over the past days, cooperation between Greece and Europe leads to solutions for the people of Greece. EPP Member Party Nea Demokratia’s track record in government since 2012, which led to a balanced budget, is a sound basis for the further stability of the Greek economy,” underlined EPP President Daul.

“I am particularly encouraged by the readiness of the Greek authorities to present a set of economic reforms before Monday, 23 February. Reforms are essential to making the Greek economy competitive and attractive for investors. Greece needs further reforms so that the country can become an economy that is an attractive place to do business and create new employment. This will lead to stable and well paid jobs for the people of Greece. Fighting corruption and tax evasion have especially been EPP priorities for many years and EPP member parties have implemented remarkable results in many countries. We are ready to share all of this experience with the Greek authorities,” concluded EPP President Daul.