Following the Moldovan parliament’s approval of the motion of no confidence in the Sandu government, the President of the European People’s Party (EPP), Joseph Daul, made the following statement: “It is with disappointment and indignation that I learned of the vote of no confidence in the government in the Republic of Moldova triggered by the recruitment process of the Prosecutor General.  The backbone of Maia Sandu’s governing programme was installing an independent justice system with an independent Prosecutor General who would help rid Moldova of corruption and defend the rule of law. The citizens have been demanding and expecting these changes for years and this is what Sandu government was already working towards. Unfortunately this was only a goal of the Sandu government and not of the PSRM and President Dodon. It is of grave concern to see that the justice reform process has stalled and ultimately been blocked by the Socialists. It is now clear that their commitments to reform were never genuine and they never had any intention of cleaning the system or giving their citizens an independent and transparent judiciary. It is another Socialist betrayal of the citizens, the country and future generations. The EPP stands by its centre-right parties in Moldova and will continue to support their efforts in being a strong opposition voice to depoliticise Moldovan institutions and democratise the country. A change in power does not absolve the next Moldovan government of its EU-Moldova Association Agreement responsibilities. On the contrary, now more than ever we will monitor closely the developments in the country, the reforms, as well as the compliance with the EU conditionalities for any present or future financial support.”

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