PRESS RELEASE EPP AGRICULTURE MINISTERIAL MEETING – MONDAY, 21 November 2022   EPP Agriculture Ministers gathered this morning in Brussels ahead of today’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council.    Chaired by Croatian Agriculture Minister Marija Vuckovic, the meeting started with a discussion on the European Commission’s Communication on ensuring the availability and the affordability of fertilizers across the Union. EPP ministers also shared their work on specific national measures to support the farmers as they face high energy and fertilizer prices.   The ministers welcomed the measures proposed by the Commission as Russia’s war against Ukraine has had a dangerous impact on the global fertilisers market and on food security in general. However, they made clear that keeping the production of fertilisers inside the EU was crucial in order to avoid creating another dependency. They underlined that the bloc’s strategic autonomy is key in achieving sustainability of the EU’s food supply security.   EPP Ministers also supported the European Commission’s intention to use the agriculture reserve worth of EUR 450 million for the financial year of 2023.   Regarding the Commission’s proposal on the sustainable use of pesticides, ministers call on the Commission to update its impact assessment in this regard and look forward to the next Agriculture and Fisheries Council in December to further address this, and put the best measures in place in order to support our farmers as much as possible.

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