EPP Congress elects its lead candidate for European Commission President

07. March 2024
Today the European People’s Party concluded its 28th Congress in Bucharest, co-hosted by Partidul Naţional Liberal (PNL), EPP President Manfred WEBER and EPP Secretary General Thanasis BAKOLAS. The second day featured addresses by our Heads of State or Government, EPP Deputy Prime Ministers and EPP Opposition leaders as well as the nominee for lead candidate for European Commission President, Ursula von der LEYEN. The Congress elected, following a secret ballot, Ursula von der LEYEN as the EPP’s lead candidate for European Commission President ahead of the 2024 elections for the European Parliament. More specifically, and concerning the electoral process, the full composition of EPP Congress’ delegates with voting rights, as reflected on our Congress website (www.epp2024.eu) is 801 delegates. According to EU regulations and as noted in the EPP statutes (art. 5), 737 out of the 801 delegates had voting rights for the election of the EPP lead candidate at the Congress in Bucharest. As noted by the President of the EPP Congress’ voting committee in the plenary, associated Member Parties, or their representatives within the organs and bodies of the association, shall not participate in decisions involving the policies and structure of the European Union nor of its institutional system. Therefore, associated member parties cannot take part in the vote for the lead candidate. Out of the 737 delegates with voting rights for this election, 591 registered to vote. These are the results of the vote, as announced by the President of the EPP Congress’ voting committee at the conclusion of its workings: Votes cast: 499 Invalid and blank votes: 10 Valid votes: 489 Yes: 400 No: 89

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