Highlights of the EPP Congress in Rotterdam     Today the European People’s Party concluded its 27th Congress in Rotterdam, co-hosted by Christen Democratisch Appèl (CDA).  This Congress marked the end of the mandate of EPP President Donald Tusk. An ardent defender of the rule of law and European values, Tusk has led the party through difficult times marked by a global pandemic, the erosion of democratic principles and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Manfred Weber was elected as the next president of the EPP. The delegates elected ten Vice-Presidents and a Treasurer. The new EPP Presidency is comprised of (in order of the number of votes received):    Vice-presidents:
  • Mariya GABRIEL, GERB, Bulgaria
  • Esther de LANGE, CDA, the Netherlands
  • Johannes HAHN, Die Volkspartei, Austria
  • Siegfried MUREȘAN, PNL, Romania
  • Dubravka ŠUICA, HDZ, Croatia
  • Petteri ORPO, Kokoomus, Finland
  • David McALLISTER, CDU, Germany
  • Andrzej HALICKI, Civic Platform, Poland
  • Antonio TAJANI, Forza Italia, Italy
  • Esteban GONZÁLEZ PONS, Partido Popular, Spain
  • Paulo RANGEL, PSD, Portugal
Following the proposal of President Weber, the Congress delegates elected Thanasis BAKOLAS as the new Secretary General of the EPP.   In a moving moment, delegates paid tribute to the Ukrainian people who are fighting an unjust war, not only for their country and values but for the European way of life. In recognition of his dedication to the fight against disinformation and corruption in Russia, the EPP Merit Award was bestowed on Alexei Navalny in absentia. Alexei Navalny tirelessly promotes freedom of speech, as well as free and fair elections. The Congress delegates also adopted a paper titled “The Europe we want to build, emphasising our values and responding to new challenges,” as well as 14 resolutions which can be found here: On 31 May, the Political Assembly adopted the following resolutions:  

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