Manfred Weber elected EPP President
Rotterdam, 31 May 2022
The European People's Party Congress has elected Manfred Weber as EPP President with 447 votes out of 502.
He succeeds Donald Tusk.
There will be a closing press conference with the newly elected EPP President tomorrow, 1 June, at the Ahoy Rotterdam.
“I am extremely proud to be elected President of the biggest political party in Europe and I am humbled to be able to continue in the footsteps of EPP leaders like Donald Tusk. Together we say no to a Europe of mistrust of the populists, that polarises people and destroys our future. We say no to a Europe of the elites and their top down approach. We are the party that is closest to the day to day realities of citizens. More than ever we will work to unite our societies and we will never stop fighting for a better and stronger EU for the people of Europe." - President Weber
Biography of Manfred Weber 
In July 1972 I was born in the district of Landshut. I went to school in rural Wildenberg about an hour’s drive from Munich. It is where I still live today with my wife. My school career led me from the elementary school in Wildenberg to technical high school and later to a physical engineering degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.
Many of the valuable lessons in life I learned as a volunteer for the Catholic youth movement, playing in a band touring the region and participating in village life and the CSU youth organisation. My home and my youth have shaped the person I am today, I am proud of where I am from, just as I am a proud European.
I chose to become a candidate for the European Parliament in 2004 because I wanted to work among Europeans. After the European elections in 2019, where I had the honour to be lead candidate for the EPP, I was re-elected EPP Group chair, after having been elected a first time in 2014. In the past ten years, I have worked closely with many EPP parties, because I believe profoundly that the EPP should be present locally to help our partners wherever our voters are.

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