Dear members of the EPP family, Dear friends, Next Monday, 17 January 2022, it will be one year since the shameful imprisonment of an outstanding and brave fighter for democracy in Russia, a true EPP friend, Alexei Navalny. After surviving poisoning and nearly losing his life, Alexei took the coura­geous decision to return to his country. However, by returning to Russia he was immediately and once more confronted with the repressive machine of the regime and was thrown behind bars on false grounds, under conditions which once again posed a threat to his life. Since then, several of Alexei's supporters have been imprisoned , persecuted or forced to leave the country. Despite being in jail, Alexei has shown the world he will always remain free in his mind. His energy and his positive spirit keep reaching people in all cor­ners of Russia. Over the past year Alexei has managed to keep his fight for democracy in Russia alive by publishing brilliant and brave investigations uncovering the regime, by mobilising Russian citizens to come to the elec­tions, and, most importantly, by keeping his strength and his sense of humour. I believe that over these days the EPP family should pay its respects to Alexei, who is a symbol of bravery, leadership and commitment to the democratic values, which are the basis of our political view, and take a stand, by supporting his fight and the fight of so many other brave Russian democrats in the country and beyond. Therefore, I encourage you to support our EPP family social media campaign, which will be launched  next Monday and actively use #FreeNavalny in your communications. Let us once more show our unity! Please help us spread this message and support Alexei in his tireless fight for democracy in Russia . Stay safe and kind regards,

Antonio López-Istúriz, EPP Secretary General


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