At a Summit of the European People’s Party (EPP) today in Brussels, the EPP leaders adopted a declaration urging the EU institutions to develop a strong European energy policy aimed at ensuring freedom, security and growth in Europe.

EPP President Joseph Daul underscored the importance of the Energy Union for securing Europe’s energy demands: “Europe must reduce its vulnerability to supply cuts and geopolitical manipulation. In order to achieve this, we need greater solidarity among EU Member States with a commitment to developing new supply sources, including the Mediterranean Energy Partnership and the Southern Gas Corridor, as well as strengthening the partnership with the United States.”

In the declaration, the EPP leaders stressed the need for a bottom-up approach to cross-border cooperation, which must be reinforced by a harmonised legal framework. They also underlined that investment in infrastructure and support for new low-carbon technologies should be based on demand and driven by the market.

The full text of the declaration is available here.

The EPP leaders also addressed the situation in Greece. In particular, President Daul reiterated that “the EPP stands with the people of Greece, who want to remain in the Eurozone. However, the declarations made on 11 and 14 March 2015 by the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Defence of Greece are against the European spirit and do not serve the interest of the Greek people.”

Ukraine also featured prominently in the discussions. “The sanctions imposed on Russia have to be maintained until the Minsk agreement is fully implemented. The sanctions will be reinforced if the Minsk agreement is not respected,” concluded President Daul.

Photos from the Summit can be seen on the EPP’s Flickr page