Ahead of the parliamentary elections in Slovenia on 3 June, Joseph Daul, the President of the European People’s Party (EPP), expressed his support for the party members SDS, NSi and SLS.

“Next Sunday, the Slovenian people will decide on their future and the fate of their country. This vote is probably the most important decision since Slovenian independence. It is time to turn the page on failed governments and bring a new momentum to Slovenia. The country needs the vision and the experience that only the EPP member parties can provide.

The latest governments have been jeopardizing the future of Slovenian citizens. The Slovenian centre-right forces offer stability and have the courage to undertake the necessary reforms. The independence of the justice system, the fight against corruption, and a sound economy are priorities for a secure future for the Slovenian people and a prosperous Slovenia.

We also need a strong Slovenia in a strong Europe. Challenges such as security, the protection of our borders, migration and stability in our neighbourhood call for a European answer. These decisions will shape the future of our continent and require an EPP government in Slovenia that will take part of these choices while defending our shared Christian Democratic values.”